Innokin Itaste SVD 2.0 Evolv Starter Kit Stainless / Black with Carrying Case

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The iTaste SVD 2.0 is a device that is powerful and beautiful. These devices were display items shown in a glass case and I can find no flaws with them.  All are tested and work perfectly.  I am keeping one because switching between 18650 and 18350 batteries is very handy.

The SVD 2.0 is the first and only Advanced Personal Vaporizer to run on the powerful and precise Evolv DNA Experience microchip. Designed and manufactured in the Unites States by Evolv, the patented DNA Experience microchip offers true power control and unrivaled consistency.

Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 5.0 - 20.0W in .1 watts increments by pressing + and - button.
Lock the selected Wattage (Hold both the + and - buttons for five seconds)
After setting your wattage you can lock the setting to prevent accidental changes to your wattage. Press and hold both the + and - buttons for five seconds to lock your settings. The screen will show POWER LOCKED HOLD UP DOWN and current setting parameter of wattage ,Press and hold the +and - button for five seconds a second time to unlock.
Please note that all other functions (such as ohm check and battery check) are still functional while you have the wattage settings locked.
Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection (0.5 Ohm).
Battery Checker.
Overheat Protection.
Reverse Polarity Protection.