Kamry K1000 Pipe 900mAh Battery 510 Vape Kit Bundle with Batteries

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Kamry K1000 E-Pipe Starter Kit is the latest high-quality device by Kamry.
This advanced mechanical is made with stainless steel and comes with fashionable cigar pipe design. Due to its compact design, you will face no problem using it at home or on the go.


Unique E Pipe style

Comes with an 18350 Battery 900mAh capacity
Fully mechanical mod
Matching 510 Threading, Varied Atomizer 


Packaging: Gift Box
Battery Diameter:18mm±0.5mm
Battery Length: 35±1mm
Battery Weight: 63g±0.2
Length/ e-cig: 175±1mm
Input Output Voltage: 3.7V
Packaging size: 180*100*60mm
Atomizer Diameter: 19±0.5mm
Atomizer Length(include filter)L 122±1mm
Atomizer Weight: 42g±0.5
K1000 Weight (one set): 183g
Max Overall Diameter: 41mm±0.2


Package Contents:  
1 x k1000 Battery Body      
1 x k1000 atomizer             
2 * 900mah dry battery       
1 x E-pipe battery tube         
1 x Warranty card               
1 x English Manual             
1 x K1000 zipper case